Advantages of Investing in Malatya English Language

Malatya is one of the major cities in Turkey, located in the Central Eastern Turkey. The city is at a key junction in Turkey’s road and rail network, and is a center of attraction in its region.

Because of its strategic geographical location, Malatya has been a center for civilizations in history. Romans called the city as Melitene. The site of ancient Malatya lies a few kilometers from the modern city in what is now the village of Aslantepe and near the dependant district center of Battalgazi (Byzantine to Ottoman Empire). Present-day Battalgazi was the location of the city of Malatya until the 19th century, when a gradual move of the city to the present third location began.

The economy of Malatya relies predominantly upon food, agriculture and textile industry. Malatya is best known for its apricots; it leads the apricot production in the world and accounts for the 10-15% of world fresh apricot production, and 70-85% of the world dried apricot production.



10 Reasons to Invest In Malatya

  • The most developed city that benefits from Investment Incentive System in maximum rates.

  • Food, agriculture, and agricultural industry potential

  • Qualified work force

  • Strategic geographical position and developed transportation infrastructure

  • Economic activity arising from apricot

  • Textile and Clothing potential

  • The long standing prestigious university

  • Investment infrastructure, wide OIZs

  • Business development centers, Techno Park, and Specialized Agricultural Techno Park

  • Rich social and cultural facilities

  • Tourism potential open to development (health, belief, nature, winter)


Malatya province has been a settling area dated back to Neolithic ages, as it has been a strategic geographical location on the way of King’s Road and Silk Road, and owner of rich water resources. Malatya hosted the Hittite, Med, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations, respectively. Aslantepe, that is near the city center of Malatya, known as the oldest city-state in Anatolia, and has been inhabited since the development of agriculture in the Fertile Crescent, nearly 6,000 years ago.


Number of enterprises: (2010)
Metal Goods:


Total Employment: Nearly 30.000
Top 3 Sectors of Employment:
 Textile, Food, Construction
Employment per company:

Attractive Areas For Employment

Agriculture Industry Services
Orcharding Textile Health
Stockbreeding Clothing Tourism
Fishery Products Machine  
Poultry Mining  
  Agricultural Industry  


1.Textile and Apparel Manufacturing

Textile sector, with SMEs and large enterprises inside, composed a big network in Malatya, and this network is developing and expanding more and more. There are lots of enterprises in Malatya operating in spinning, knitting, weaving, finishing, and apparel manufacturing.

Textile and apparel manufacturing sector is the leader in terms of employment in Malatya, as well as in Turkey. 54% of the registered employers are hired in this sector in Malatya. There are some distinguished textile companies in Malatya, with internationally renowned brands

The United Nations and ITKIB Joint Programme entitled, “Harnessing Sustainable Linkages for SMEs in Turkey’s Textile Sector” is decided to be implemented in 4 cities in Turkey, and Malatya, one of the four cities, selected to be the coordination center of the project.

2.Orcharding and Food Industry

The fertile plain in Malatya is famous for its apricot growing and many delicious products are made from it. This reputation has extended so far beyond the borders of Turkey hence 95% of the output is exported worldwide.

Table 1. The Amount of Fruit Production (MT)

Fruit Malatya TRB 1 Turkey
Apricot 267.733 302.884 557.572
Grape 14.377 132.704 3.612.781
Apple 13.785 34.020 2.457.845
Mulberry 7.164 13.704 61.665
Pear 3.425 11.532 356.281
U. Apricot 1.852 2.849 32.160
Cherry 1.580 5.187 398.141
Walnut 1.476 6.088 172.572


Source: Turkstat, 2009.

The climate in Malatya region is perfect for apricot growing, as well as various other fruits.


Malatya kayısı üretimi, Türkiye yaş kayısı üretiminin yaklaşık %55’ini teşkil etmektedir. Ayrıca, ülkemizdeki toplam 15 milyon civarındaki kayısı ağacının 8 milyonu Malatya’da bulunmaktadır.

“Malatya accounts for 11% of the world production of fresh apricots and 70% of the world production of dried apricots”

Malatya is the World’s Capital of Apricots. 55% of the fresh apricot production of Turkey is supplied from Malatya. The export value of apricots has risen from 100 million USD to 300 million USD in the last 15 years. The export value is expected to reach 1 billion USD in the following decade via product and distribution diversifications.

3. Stockbreeding

Malatya is one of the best places for stockbreeding investments in Turkey, thanks to appropriate climate and wide meadows.

There are lots of fresh water resources, such as Karakaya Dam Lake, convenient for aquaculture, especially trout cultivation.

In recent years, big investments are being made in Malatya in stockbreeding including both livestock and trout farms, and processing plants.

4. Mining

Malatya has important rich and are reserves that are very rare in Turkey. Hekimhan-Hasancelebi iron reserves, one of the biggest iron reserves in Turkey is located in Malatya. It is estimated that there is 865 million tonnes of iron reserves in this resource, 40 million tonnes in Deveci, and 14.5 million tonnes in Karakuz, in Malatya.

There is also profillit mine reserves in Pütürge-Malatya, and that is a very rarely found important mine reserve, particularly used in earthenware industry.


Marble is a flourishing economic value for Akçadağ, Malatya. The most lucrative marble resources of Turkey are at Akçadağ. 57% of the total enterprises and 46% of the total employment in mining sector in Malatya is met marble sector. In order to process around 200 million tons of marble blocks in Malatya-Akçadağ, 1250 acres of area reserved for Specialized OIZ on marbles is being constructed.

5. Health

Malatya also acts as a medical center of Central and Eastern Anatolia regions with numerous and prominent medical facilities. Turgut Özal Medical Center of Inonü University was founded in 1996, and has 900 beds, 120 intensive care units, and 26 fully equipped surgery rooms. The medical center is capable of performing bone marrow and cornea transplantation operations. It is ranked among the top in Turkey and the world in terms of liver transplantations performed. By adding kidney and heart transplants to its service portfolio, the hospital aims to become a prominent organ transplantation center. With its burn unit and cancer treatment unit that began to function in 2010, the medical center meets all of the important health needs of the region.

In addition to Turgut Özal Medical Center, there are 10 state hospitals and 11 private hospitals. Furthermore a state hospital with 800 beds is still under construction.

6. Tourism

Aslantepe, the oldest city-state in Anatolia 

According to historians, first civilization in the region took places in Aslantepe Tumulus – Orduzu town, 6 kilometer distance to downtown. After the excavations, it is discovered that there had been a city-state in Malatya approximately 6000 years ago. The huge statue of the Melita King and lion statues decorating the entrance doors of the palace are now exhibited in Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara. An archeologist from the Italian University of La Sapienza, Rome, have continued her archeological researches and excavations since 1960s, and found several artifacts, exhibited in Malatya Archeological Museum.

Archeological Museum

Artifacts, exposed by the excavations in Aslantepe, Karakaya Dam Lake and other historical findings are exhibited in Malatya Museum, located in the city center. In the museum, there are artifacts belonging to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods, Bronze Age, Hittite, Assyrian, Urartu, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

Ethnography Museum

Two historical halls of Beşkonaklar are restored and converted to Malatya Ethnography Museum. Historical tools and traditional clothes give clues about previous cultures of the region to exhibitors.


As stated on the name of Beşkonaklar, means five halls, there are five adjacent historical halls, constructed in the beginning of 1900s, reflecting the style of classical Malatya halls. In addition, 12 historical halls lined up through street.

Taşhoron Church

The Armenian Taşhoron church is in the Çavuşoğlu district in Malatya city center, and has a style of 17th century architecture.


Battalgazi, 5 kilometers far from Malatya city center, is often called Eski (Old) Malatya by locals, and there are lots of historical artifacts in the town, especially belonging to Turkish-Islamic period. Battalgazi is like an open-air museum. The White Minaret, Silahtar Mustafa Pasha Caravansary, the Great (Ulu) Mosque, Emir Ömer Mausoleum, and the city walls from Roman period are visited by lots of tourists.

The Great (Ulu) Mosque, Battalgazi

The mosque has been constructed by Anatolian Seljuk Monarch Alaeddin Keykubat in the year 1224. The mosque has four halls, uniquely representing in Anatolia the architectural characteristics of the mosques constructed by the Great Seljuk Empire in Iran district.

Silahtar Mustafa Pasha Caravanserai

It is constructed by Bosnian Mustafa Pasha in 1637, who is the commander of the guard of Ottoman Sultan Murat the 4th.


Darende County is 100 kilometers west from Malatya city center, and it hosts several cultural and historical places such as Grand Vizier Mehmet Pasha Library, Somuncu Baba Mausoleum and mosque, Seyyid Osman Hulusi Efendi convent, and Balaban Abdurrahman Erzincani Mosque.

Somuncu Baba Mosque is near Tohma Canyon, it is center of belief tourism, and lots of people visit here every year. Besides, the river Tohma is one of the best places for rafting in Turkey.

There is also a wonderful natural waterfall in 5 kilometers west of Darende County, named Günpınar.

Tohma Canyon

Somuncu Baba Mosque

Levent Valley

The Levent Valley is in Akçadağ County, and has traces from 12 million years ago. It is excellent place for trekking.

Sultansuyu and Horses

Sultansuyu, the home town of the best horses’ husbandry of the country.


The Great Mosque, Cafer Pasha Mosque, Mirliva Ahmet Mosque, Molla Eyüp Mosque, Gümrükçü Osman Pasha Turkish Bath, and Çobanoğlu Hall are some of historical places in Arapgir County.

Nemrut Mountain

The Nemrut Mountain, which is called the 8th wonder of the world, is between Malatya and Adıyaman provinces, and accessed from Malatya. Lots of tourists from all over the world visit Nemrut Mountain, and watch sunrise and sunset.


Malatya 1st Organized Industrial Zone

Malatya 1st OIZ founded in 1977, and started to serve at 1988 with a 3000 acres of land for factories. 1st OIZ is 5 kilometers west of the city centre, and on the way of both Malatya-Adana, and Malatya-Ankara highways. Furthermore, the OIZ is on the way to the Airport, and the railway passes through the OIZ, too.

By the year 2011, 141 enterprises have production plants at OIZ from various sectors. Textile industry leads the 1st OIZ with 47 production center, and the food sector follows with 40. The capacity of the 1st OIZ is full, so that sometimes called 3rd OIZ is added to 1st OIZ management with 12000 acres of huge land, and land allocation is being done for entrepreneurs.


Waste water treatment plant with 24000 m3/day capacity

Modern way network of 17 kms

15 km sewage network system

30 km electric network system

2,5 km natural gas network

Social Facility Centers

1st OIZ Address: Malatya-Kayseri Yolu I.OSB 44900 MALATYA
Phone: +90422 237 51 50 E-Mail: Web:

Malatya 2nd Organized Industrial Zone

Total Land: 500 acres

Total Industrial Space: 300 acres

Total Plots: 154

The 2nd OIZ is neighbor of the 1st OIZ, 5 kilometers to the city center, and on the way to the Airport. More than 10.000 people works in the 2nd OIZ.



    • Paper and paper products

    • Plastic and cartoon packing

    • Packing materials


    • Hunting and Fishery Products

    • Boutiques


    • Lightening Equipments

    • Electric equipments

    • Electric transportation equipments


    • Clothing

    • Cotton processing

  • FOOD

    • Apricot processing wheat and wheat derivatives

    • Dairy products.


    • Foundry

    • Machining

    • Food Processing Machinery


Waste water treatment plant with 24000 m3/day capacity

Modern way network of 17 kms

22 km electric network system

3,2 km natural gas networkü

Social Facility Centers

2nd OIZ Address: Havaalanı Yolu,, MALATYA
Phone: +90422 244 03 04

Akçadağ Specialized Organized Industrial Zone of Marble

Malatya will be an important center for marble sector in a near future when construction of the Specialized Organized Industrial Zone of Marble completed in Akçadağ, where the most fertile marble resources of Turkey are.

Darende Organized Industrial Zone

Darende OIZ is still under construction, and in a near future, it will serve for investors.


Malatya is in the IV Regions, which means investments to Malatya mostly benefit from state incentives & supports.

Investments Before 2012 Investments After 2012
Investment Contribution Rate (%)* 15 25 35 55 10 15 20 25
Tax Reduction Rate (%) 50 60 80 90 25 40 60 80
Social Security Premium Support** 2 yrs 3 yrs 5 yrs 7 yrs 3 yrs 5 yrs
Interest Expenditure Support (TL) 3 5 3 5
Interest Exp. Support (Exchange) 1 2 1 2
Land Allocation
VAT Exemption
Customs Duty Exemption
*Reduced corporate tax shall be applied until the reduced tax amount reaches contribution-to-investment rates
**Duration of social security premiums to be covered by the Treasury up to a minimum wage ceiling.


By its relative advance in industrial growth, Malatya is also a pole of attraction for its surrounding regions, in commercial as well as inward immigration terms. The city is at a key junction in Turkey’s road and rail network.

The annual capacity of 1 million passengers every day Malatya Airport, Istanbul and Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and some international destinations (Frankfurt, Cologne) are direct flights.

Iskenderun Port of Malatya 318 km, 454 km away and the ports of Mersin port by rail transportation are provided.

240 km from Gaziantep, Malatya, Sivas 244 km, Diyarbakir 251 km, 330 km from Kayseri, Adana 381 km, 635 km from Ankara and Istanbul 1060 km away.


State Highways Province Highways Total Road
521 Km 596 Km 1117 Km

Total Divided Highways: 269 km

Domestic Flight Schedule

Air Transport

Malatya Erhaç Airport is one of the major airports in Turkey, and has founded in 1941. It is 30 kilometers west of the city center and there are daily domestic flights from Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Antalya. Since 2007 there have also been international flights during the summer months. These international flights are especially from German cities to Malatya.

Flight Company Arrival
MALATYA – İSTANBUL / Atatürk Airport THY 09:05
MALATYA – İSTANBUL / Atatürk Airport ONUR 12:45
MALATYA – İSTANBUL / Atatürk Airport THY 21:10
MALATYA -İSTANBUL / Sabiha Gökçen Airport PEGASUS 22:15
MALATYA -İSTANBUL / Sabiha Gökçen Airport PEGASUS 08:55
MALATYA -İSTANBUL / Atatürk Airport THY 09:05


İnönü University

Since its establishment in 1975, İnönü University has been committed to day-to-day improvement and modernization. As a modern and innovative institution, it strives to maintain high academic standards, scientific research, and social-cultural activities.

Believing that a healthy education system depends on the availability of scientific as well as socio-cultural opportunities, Inönü University offers wide-range of opportunities to students and staff on a campus area built on 7000 acres of land with its clean and well-cared surroundings and modern, up-to-date facilities.

In addition to its administrate and academic units, the campus area hosts the Turgut Özal Medical Center, student dormitories, sports facilities, a conference hall, a shopping mall, a student cafeteria, a bookshop, an internet center, a beauty center, a post office, and several bank branches.

According to Webometrics “Ranking Web of World Universities” July 2011, İnonü University ranked 1287th among 20.000 world universities and 14th among 134 Turkish universities.

Furthermore, 15 universities from Turkey achieved to enter the list of “Best 500 European Universities”, and one of them is İnönü University.


  • Faculty of Dentistry

  • Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Faculty of Education

  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences

  • Faculty of Fine Arts

  • Law Faculty

  • Faculty of Economics and Admin. Sci.

  • Faculty of Theology

  • Faculty of Communication

  • Faculty of Engineering

  • Faculty of Medicine

  • Faculty of Agriculture

  • Faculty of Fisheries


  • Institute of Education Sciences

  • Institute of Natural Sciences

  • Institute of Health Sciences

  • Institute of Social Sciences


  • High School Of Physical Edu. And Sports

  • State Conservatory

  • Malatya Health School

  • High School of Foreign Languages


  • Adalet Vocational High School

  • Akçadağ Vocational High School

  • Arapgir Vocational High School

  • Battalgazi Vocational High School

  • Darende Dasev Vocational High School

  • Hekimhan Vocational High School

  • Kale Vocational High School

  • Malatya Vocational High School

  • Health Services Vocational High School

  • Sürgü Vocational High School

  • Yakınca Vocational High School


  • Turgut Özal Medical Center

  • Fuel Oil / Petroleum Analysis Lab

  • Scientific and Technological Research Center

  • Experimental Animal Breeding and Research Center

  • Research and App. Center for Handicapped Children

  • Traditional Handicrafts Research and App. Center

  • Space Sciences Resource and App. Center

  • Apricot Research and App. Center

  • Directorate of Strategic Research Center

  • Further Education Research and App. Center

  • Distance Education Research and App. Center

  • Research and App. Center for Gifted Children


Firat Development Agency (FDA)

FDA is founded in 2009 by the Council of Ministers, and serving for TRB1 region at Malatya headquarters.

Firat Development Agency – Malatya Investment Support Office (MISO)

  • MISO is the bridge between you and the state institutions, tackles bureaucratic obstacles for investors.

  • MISO is your solution partner, supplies technical and financial support for your projects.

  • MISO is your consultant, helps you give the right decision for an investment.

  • MISO is your facilitator, follows up the permit and license procedures for investors.

Malatya Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (MTSO)

Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the first chambers in Turkey, and founded in the first years of the young republic.

MTSO is serving for Malatya with more than 7000 members.

The mission of Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry is being productive, innovative and competitive. Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes periodical seminars and education programs for its members. The chamber, which is one of the leading institutions of the city, guides entrepreneurs and enterprises for investment procedures, investment places, investment capital, capacity reports national incentives and so on.

KOSGEB (SMEs Development Organization)

KOSGEB’s mission is to increase SMEs’ share in economic and social development by offering quality service and support towards developing SME’s power of competition and spreading culture of entrepreneurship

KOSGEB promotes SMEs’ by various programs. Some are; Thematic Project Support Programme, Cooperating-Leaguing Support Program, Entrepreneur Support Programme, General Support Programme, SME Project Support Programme, R&D, Innovation and Industrial, Application Support Programme, Emerging Enterprises Market SME Support Programme.

Directorate of KOSGEB Malatya Service Center – 1st Organized Industrial Zone, PK 44200, Malatya
Phone: +90 422 237 53 91

Malatya Techno Park

At Inönü University, Malatya Techno Park is founded in order to develop industry-university collaboration, to produce technological knowledge, to innovate new products and production methods, to improve productivity, to reduce production costs and to ensure SMEs to comply with new and advanced technologies.

Advantages of Techno Park for firms

  • Corporate Tax Exemption

  • Income Tax Exemption

  • VAT Exemption

  • Premium Support

  • Staff Support

  • Being able to hire non Turkish citizens

  • Customs Duty Exemption

  • Interest support

Address: İnönü University, Malatya. Phone: +90 422 377 30 00


  • 20 Libraries

  • 14 Cinema Halls

  • 5 Museums

  • 1 Theatre

  • 651 NGOs

Malatya has a dynamic social life with 40 libraries, 14 cinema halls, a theater, 5 museums and 651 NGOs.

The city has various shopping centers, shops for local handcrafts and recreational facilities which improve the quality of life.

Malatya is a pool of attraction with its rich social and cultural facilities.


Name of Hotel Class Address Phone
Aksaç Hotel 3 * * * Saray Mah. Ömer Efendi Sok. No:19 Merkez / Malatya 0422 324 65 65
Anemon Hotel 5 * * * * * Ankara karayolu 6. Km Merkez / Malatya 0422 238 18 18
Avşar Hotel 3 * * * Çevreyolu Üzeri Eski Otogar Karşı Merkez / Malatya 0422 323 70 70
Beydağı Hotel 2 * * Dabakhane Mh. 1. Sk. No:7 Merkez / Malatya 0422 322 46 11
Ramada Hotel 4 * * * * Fuar Yolu Bkm Merkez / Malatya 0422 31155 11
Büyük Malatya Hotel 2 * * Yeni Cami Karşısı No:1 Merkez / Malatya 0422 325 28 28
GAP Royal Hotel 3 * * * Ankara karayolu 17.kilometre Merkez / Malatya 0422 485 12 36
Grand Akkoza Hotel 3 * * * Çevre Yolu Üzeri Adliye Kavşağı Merkez / Malatya 0422 326 27 27
Palancı Hotel 3 * * * Dabakhane Mh.Turgut Temelli Cd. 26 Merkez / Malatya 0422 325 10 03
Tiryandafil Hotel 3 * * * Somuncu Baba Bulvarı No:84 Darende/MALATYA 0422 615 30 95
Yeni Hotel 2 * * Yeni Cami Karşısı Zafer İş Hanı No:1 0422 323 14 23